As if they had just been picked



All the nutritional properties of fresh mushrooms, the convenience of a package that can be opened any time you feel like. With our drying techniques, we retain the nutritional values, and above all the smell and flavor of the barely picked mushroom: no salt, no additives, in order to take only the taste of the produce to your house. We only remove water and add care and patience: so, we can offer the best for all of your dishes.

Did you know? Antioxidant, remineralizing, rich in vitamins. Mushrooms are a true cure-all for our diet and particularly appreciated in slimming diets: this produce, in fact, is poor in calories and excellent for a healthy diet.

Mushrooms, famous for their full and appetizing aroma, come in a large range of types, each one with its own nutritional and olfactory properties. A true fall produce, these tasteful and veritable fruits of the land arrive at your house the year round, thanks to capable hands and safe processes: we pick them, follow their drying process and take them to your table with no addition, so that you can taste fragrant and excellent foods.